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This Nerdherder design is from our Original Gangster Series. Our Zebra Colored(Black Tee Shirt with White Print) “Megatron Mug” design has that street vibe. We wanted to do something that was for the Hip-Hop community this winter and came out with this spin on 80’s Super Villains.  If you love the Decepticons then you will love this nerdherder mugshot shirt of your favorite evil transformer villain! The white print on this shirt is 100% glow in the dark and laser activated.

Every nerdherder shirt comes with a pinch light led laser not an actual laser pointer. Official usable laser pointers are sold separate but can be purchased from our website.

All Nerdherder Zebra printed shirts are made to be hand washed and dried to ensure the best quality of brightness and longevity of the print.


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