Laser Body Paint Coming Soon


So just got the word. Another “Certified Hyphy” collaboration with Nerdherder to bring you Laser Activated Body Paint.

Our Laser Activated Body Paint is like nothing you have seen before. People will think you are an alien or wonder if you have some magical laser pointer that can leave glow marks on your skin! Are you looking for some fun? Try painting up your friends and going out on the town spreading the good word; Nerd is the word.

So if you are ready everyone, we will be unraveling the new product next week. You can start purchasing some fully washable uv body paint starting tomorrow for pre-orders. All Orders include free shipping. We do have a limited quantity so make sure to get it while supplies last on the first ever fully washable laser activated body paint!

Thanks everyone for the continous support as Nerd Herder paves the way as the First Nerd Clothing Line EVER.


Here is a few more helpful notes about our newest product:

-The paint is so good you can rub a very thin layer on your body with a make-up sponge to cover more area and use less paint.

-Typically each container can cover someones complete body thoroughly and then some or the arms and chests of over 5 people +

-With basic water and soap this uv laser body paint will wash off easily.

Disclaimer: Test the paint on your skin first with a very small amount to make sure you don’t have any kind of allergic reaction before rubbing it all over your body. Everyone is different so this is needed to be said.



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